February 10, 2011


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I needed a little time before I could post the photos of my boys.  But now I am ready to share a few  pictures of our little guys – each one so unique and beautiful to me.   I am missing them today something terrible. 

This first photo is the one on my desk that I see all day, every day.  I love that they are together in this shot.  Brothers – together forever.

Quinn (top) and Trace (bottom)

Quinn (top) and Trace (bottom)

Tiny Toes

Trace's tiny feet in my hand.


Quinn's birth day - the first time I held him.

First time I held Trace's head in my hand

Little Quinn in his "I Love Mommy" outfit with the teddy bear.

Trace - there is just something about the curve of his back and sweet little neck.


Trace, my "fierce" little guy

Look at Trace's gorgeous long eyelashes!

So, I think this may be the end of the blog for now.  They will always be in my heart, I am and will always be their mother – but I truly wanted to be their “mommy”.   I will be forever changed, always missing them, my beautiful boys.



  1. Lynnette Lasky said,

    Beautiful boys! ♥

  2. Beth said,

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful little boys. They are so special. Many Hugs…

  3. Kristi said,

    Much love to you, the pictures were so moving and beautiful they really brought me to tears.

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